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JT Leading Associates Providing professional cannabis related services.

Are you looking to buy a marijuana business? Do you need OMMA and OBNDD licensure? Let us help you beat the competition!

Whether you are a new startup or seasoned business looking to expand, JT Leading Associates can help reduce startup costs, and build profitable long-term strategies. JT Leading Associates consultants are seasoned cannabis experts offering proven build-out experience, cannabis cultivation expertise, and significant influence on everything from concept to profits.

JT Leading Associates can have your sign made and delivered to you for a small fee.Re
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  • ~ METRC consult and training
  • ~ OMMA and OBNDD licensure / compliance consulting
  • ~ Quality cannabis build-out, facility, and cultivation / grow consultants

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Information regarding 'Sponsors' or 'Straw' Owners

OBNDD has been focusing on tracking down ‘straw’ or ‘sponsored’ owners. If you are a marijuana grower and have a sponsor that has signed up on a farm as a 75% or 100% owner but are not a true owner, they will shut you down... Especially if your ‘sponsor’ is getting a monthly payment and is not involved in the business. This is a grey area of the State law and OBNDD is not allowing it to continue. Also, OBNDD is looking strongly at growers that have used a Company, Firm, or Law Firm that has done your licensing and has suggested using a ‘sponsor’. This again is a bad practice and a grey area of the law. Many firms have been closed recently and many farms have been shut down and plants cut. Let us check your license free of charge. We will advise you on being compliant with OBNDD.

State Bill SB1737 requires all cannabis growers to post signage in front of their facilities by November 1, 2022.

FROM SB1737: "C. Upon the effective date of this act, all medical marijuana commercial grower licensees shall be required to post signage at the site of the commercial grow operation. Signage shall be located at the perimeter of the property with dimensions measuring no less than eighteen (18) inches by twenty-four (24) inches with a font size of no less than two (2) inches. Information required to be displayed on the sign shall be in black standardized font on a white background. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority shall promulgate rules as necessary regarding the size, placement, issuance and specifications of the required signage. The following information shall be included on the required signage: 1. Business name; 2. Physical address of the licensed business; 3. Phone number of the licensed business; and 4. Medical marijuana business license number. The required signage shall also comply with county regulations and local ordinances related to the real property where the commercial grow operation is located. Failure to erect the proper signage within sixty (60) days after the renewal of each application for a medical marijuana commercial grower license in accordance with the provisions of this subsection shall result in the immediate revocation of the medical marijuana commercial grower license. Upon issuance of a temporary license, all medical marijuana commercial grower licensees shall be required to comply with the provisions of this subsection prior to the prelicensure inspection conducted by the Authority. SECTION 3. This act shall become effective November 1, 2022."

JT Leading Associates can order the required signs at a low cost and deliver if necessary.

Strong corrugated plastic signs 18 x 30 alone ($50), or with steel frame ($90).

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